Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber How Is This A Children’s Book?

Is Brenda’s beaver needs a barber a real children’s book?

Except Brenda’s Beaver Needs A Barber isn’t really for kids at all. It’s part of a series of ‘Reach Around Books’ which are riddled with double entendres, meaning you can read to your children without being bored out of your mind.

Is Brendas Beaver a real book?

“ Brenda’s Beaver Needs a Barber ” is one of a set of five innuendo-laden picture books by Tayanita and Bangladesh in “Season 1” of the Reach Around Books collection. It also includes “Suzy Likes to Look at Balls,” “Come Swing With Us” and “Put Tony’s Nuts in Your Mouth.”

What are reach around books?

Reach Around Books is the obscenely controversial new publishing company that everybody is talking about.

Who wrote Tony’s nuts?

Put Tony’s Nuts In Your Mouth!: Bimisi Tayanita, Matt Williams, Sumguyen Bangladesh: 9781946178039: Books.

Who’s the author of Brenda’s beaver needs a barber?

Beavers have on average 77,000 hairs per square inch, composed of an underlayer of warm downy hairs, and a longer layer of slick, water-resistant hairs. The combination of these two layers is a very warm, totally waterproof fur coat all over the beaver’s body.

Are Tony nuts children’s books?

‘Put Tony’s Nuts In Your Mouth ‘ – Another rude children’s book.

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