FAQ: What Is The Name Of The Story Of A Barber Who Debates On Whether Or Not To Kill His Clan?

What is the main conflict the barber has about shaving Captain Torres?

The conflict of this short story is that Captain Torres, who is a supreme military leader, enters the barbershop. He puts down his bullet-studded belt and weapons, which makes him vulnerable to the barber. The barber is secretly a rebel and has an advantage against Captain Torres because of his razor.

What arguments can the barber put forth for killing Torres?

The barber wants to kill Torrez because the Captain is the primary rebel foe: He hunts them down, kills them, tortures them, mutilates them. Killing Torrez would avenge the death of so many of his cohorts, but someone else would only replace Torrez and continue the killing.

Why was the barber nervous in lather and nothing else?

Who are the Characters in Lather and Nothing Else? 1) Barber — a rebel, nervous because he might be caught by someone who could hang him (but thinks the Capt. has no idea he is a rebel), cares about his profession, has seen the Capt.

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What happened in lather and nothing else?

Set in a barbershop in a small Colombian town, the narrator of “Lather and Nothing Else” by Hernando Tellez is a barber tasked with shaving a man who turns out to be the leader of the opposing political party. In the end, the barber decides to have “just lather” on his hands instead of blood, letting Torres survive.

What is the main conflict in that’s all?

The central conflict in “Just Lather, That’s All” is whether or not the barber will slit the throat of the notorious Captain Torres as he sits defenseless getting a shave.

What is the irony in lather and nothing else?

Irony. The barber thinks about murdering the Captain while he’s getting a shave but decides not to. The barber later finds out that the Captain was there to see if the barber would kill him or not.

Is barber a coward for not killing Torres?

For the barber, then, murdering Captain Torres would be a cowardly act. This idea contributes to his decision not to murder the captain. When Captain Torres came into the barber shop for a shave, he probably knew that there was a possibility that he would not leave alive.

What is the main reason Torres comes to the barber shop?

Why does captain Torres go in for the shave? Captain Torres went in to the barber shop to prove to his soldiers that he was brave because the barber was a revolutionary. Captain Torres went into the barber shop because he was suicidal from killing many innocent people.

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Is the barber a coward in lather and nothing else?

Expert Answers The barber of the short story, ” Just Lather, That’s All,” could certainly be considered more cowardly than the captain who comes to sit in his chair. Although the barber’s secret affiliation was important to him as well the rebels, he could have solved many of his group’s problems by

What is the purpose of lather and nothing else?

The perspective of ‘Lather and nothing else’ is in first person. This is very effective to show the in-depth emotions, thoughts and personality of the main character. In the case of this story, the point of view used is perfect because we view all sides of the character and gain sympathy and empathy for him.

Who is the villain in lather and nothing else?

Captain Torres as the Villain in Lather and Nothing Else by Hernando Tellez.

Who is the protagonist in lather and nothing else?

The main characters of this story are the barber and Captain Tortes. The barber was the protagonist and Tortes was the antagonist. The barber is a revolutionary, but Tortes is the head of the military regime that is trying to void revolutionary.

What does the razor symbolize in lather and nothing else?

A theme that the harbored razor symbolized was life and death because the razor in the barbors hands could have been used to keep Captain Torress’s life or take his life.

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