FAQ: Who Was Elvis Presley’s Barber?

How old is Larry Geller?

FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Nearly 60 years ago, a Fort Chaffee barber cut Elvis Presley’s hair, which would later become the well-know “Elvis Buzz-cut.” Each year, the Chaffee Barbershop Museum celebrates the nationally known haircut. Jimmy Don Peterson was only nine years old when his father gave Presley that famous buzz-cut.

When did Larry Geller meet Elvis?

On April 30, 1964, Larry received a phone call that would change his life – he was invited to the home of Elvis Presley. After styling Elvis’ hair for the first time, Larry and Elvis spent several hours discussing everything from show business to the nature of life.

Where was Larry Geller born?

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Where did Elvis get his haircut?

The Chaffee Barbershop Museum enshrines the spot where Elvis got his first Army buzz cut on March 25, 1958.

How much is Elvis hair worth?

Elvis Presley’s hair sells for $18,300.

Did Elvis go to Fort Chaffee?

Elvis Aron Presley entered the United States Army at Memphis, Tennessee, on March 24, 1958, and then spent three days at the Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, Reception Station. He left active duty at Fort Dix, New Jersey, on March 5, 1960, and received his discharge from the Army Reserve on March 23, 1964.

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How did Elvis get his hair cut?

His parents supported him and began looking for another school that would allow their son to keep his haircut. The search was fruitless, though, and so Robert finally relented and allowed a barber to put the shears to his “Elvis Presley haircut.”

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