FAQ: Why Do Barber Scissors Cost So Much?

Are expensive scissors worth it?

There’s no reason to spend extra money on expensive hair shears and cut into those profits. Quality hair cutting shears are simply ones that last longer. Stainless steel hair shears will last much longer than inferior quality materials, since they do not rust easily and hold their edge for many more hair cuts.

How much do barber scissors cost?

The price of shears can vary from $10 to $500 depending on the quality of steel, thumb design, tension system, and more. If you are a professional barber, it may be worth paying extra as comfort and performance will be important.

What is most expensive barber scissor?

Hattori Hanzo’s HH8 Talon Shears are the most expensive of the bunch and come recommended by Rivera, who is a big fan of the brand as a whole.

What is the best brand of barber scissors?

Best hair cutting shears (2021)

  • Equinox Professional shears.
  • John 6.5 Japanese Stainless Steel.
  • Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors.
  • Shears Direct Left-Hand Shear.
  • Suvorna Zircon Z40.
  • Got Glamour Cobalt Shears.
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Do you need expensive scissors to cut hair?

The reason why hair cutting and thinning scissors are so expensive is because of the higher quality materials and craftsmanship used to create professional Shears. Hairdressing scissors made for professionals are more expensive due to their premium steel, sharper blades and professional quality guarantees.

How long do hair cutting scissors last?

Scissors should be sharpened on average between 6 – 24 months. Several variables will affect this estimate. For example, cutting unwashed dry hair is much harder on scissors than clean wet hair. Another factor is the quality of your scissors.

Can I use regular scissors to cut hair?

If you use regular scissors to cut your hair, you will damage your hair, leaving it with split-ends and an uneven balance. Whether you are using eyebrow scissors, kitchen shears, fabric scissors, nail clippers or simply dull scissors to cut hair, you will create split-ends, an uneven balance and irreparable damage.

Are hair cutting scissors different?

Hair-cutting shears are specifically designed to cut hair and the blades are a little bit thinner.” This is true of the scissors’ handles (which are endearingly called “finger bows”) as well: The kitchen pair will likely have a large handle that’s harder to grip in your hand, while the shears are small, compact, and

What is a good pair of hair cutting scissors?

The 7 best hair scissors and shears to buy

  1. The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series 6.5”
  2. Sanguine Professional 5.5” Hairdressing Shears.
  3. ULG Hair Thinning 6.5” Scissors.
  4. Jaguar Lane 5.5 Inch Scissors.
  5. Tweezerman Spirit 2000 Styling Shears.
  6. Cricket Shear Xpressions.
  7. Feather razor.
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Are Joewell scissors good?

Joewell has gained a reputation for hairdressing scissors that are both long lasting and high quality. Manufactured by hand from the finest quality materials, Joewell Scissors have been found by hairdressers and barbers to last longer, cut better and perform exceptionally well, cut after cut.

Are SOZU scissors good?

Sozu scissors are one of scissor tech’s greatest yet affordable collections for the aspiring hairdresser. Be comfortable in your new Sozu pair of scissors knowing that they have been designed and tested with junior hairdressers to know they can be used comfortably and can create magical and multiple haircuts with them.

Are Matsui scissors good?

Matsui Scissors are made with high quality Japanese steel, and these scissors have proven to be a staple in many hairdressers belt. Matsui offers a wide range of hairdressing scissors to suit all cutting styles, and are an extremely comfortable tool to use!

What do barber scissors look for?

5 Things To Consider When Buying Hair Cutting Shears

  • There is no one size fits all. Don’t be fooled by folks who measure the length of the shear against your hand.
  • Getting the right handle matters.
  • Buying from a well established company is safer.
  • Think about what is you are doing in the salon.
  • Know your blades.

Can scissors cause split ends?

Speak to your hairdresser or stylist about your concerns about split ends or trim them yourself. Blunt scissors could tear the hairs and cause more split ends, or make the ones you have worse.

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