How Does Robin Interpret The Laughter At The Barber Shop My Kinsman, Major Molineux Quizlet?

Why does Robin laugh the loudest in my kinsman Major Molineux?

He has been tarred and feathered, probably because he is a Major in the British military in a town that is moving toward independence. to see every stranger he has encountered this night, and every one is laughing. The laughter is contagious, and Robin finds himself laughing more loudly than any of the others.

How does Robin respond when he finally sees his kinsman Major Molineux?

When he finally does encounter Major Molineux—tarred and feathered, and paraded through the streets by a raucously mocking crowd—and his eyes and his kinsman’s meet, Robin’s “knees shook, and his hair bristled, with a mixture of pity and terror.” But, we are told, as “the contagion” spread “among the multitude, it

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Which of the following happens during Robin’s search for Major Molineux?

He also meets an innkeeper who becomes hostile when he discovers that Robin is searching for Molineux. While in the inn, Robin sees a sinister-looking fellow with a strange, two-toned complexion who later paints his face black and red and leads the angry mob that captures Molineux.

What happens to Major Molineux at the end of the story quizlet?

Though greatly shocked to see Molineux at the end of the story, Robin in fact laughs loudest at his relative’s undignified plight. He seems to be overtaken by the raucousness of the cruel crowd. The ferryman transports Robin from his original destination to this unnamed town.

What kind of person is Robin in my kinsman Major Molineux?

Robin is the son of a clergyman, and is determined to find his place in the world. Raised in the country, he has come to Massachusetts Bay to find his cousin Major Molineux, who has offered to help Robin establish himself.

What is the meaning of my kinsman Major Molineux?

Major Molineux, Robin’s uncle, symbolizes Great Britain. Hawthorne describes him as an “ elderly man, of large and majestic person, and strong, square features, betokening a steady soul.” Major Molineux symbolizes the good, positive elements of Great Britain, such as its maturity as a nation and strength.

How is my kinsman Major Molineux an allegory?

Hawthorne’s story, My Kinsman, Major Molineux, is an example of literature from the American Romantic Period. It’s about emotion and individual freedom, and it values natural over manmade. These characteristics influence the themes Hawthorne developed in this political allegory.

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Where is Robin told to wait so he may see his kinsman?

Later, outside a church, Robin runs into the scary man from the inn, who has now painted his face half red and half black. This man tells Robin to wait there and he’ll see Molineux. While waiting, Robin meets the first kind person he’s encountered in Boston, a gentleman who keeps Robin company.

What are the Gothic elements in my kinsman Major Molineux?

These gothic elements elucidate the depravity of the narrator’s loss of empathy and innocence. In “My Kinsman, Major Molineux,” Hawthorne tells the coming of age story of Robin, a youth from the country seeking his kinsman to help him set up a living as he moves from innocence to experience.

What power will be granted to the devil’s new converts?

What power will be granted to the devil’s new converts? They will be able to detect everyone’s sins and secrets.

When Goodman Brown returns to town everything about his perception of the religious elders of Salem has changed Which of the following best describes his new attitude toward them?

When goodman Brown returns to town, everything about his perception of the religious elders of Salem has changed. Which of the following best describes his new attitude toward them? He considers all the elders to be hypocrites.

Who does Goodman Brown see beside him before the altar?

After witnessing Goody Cloyse consort with the Devil, Brown is left alone and he sees the minister and Deacon Gookin approaching on horses. He then sees his wife, Faith. He would see both of these women, the minister, and the Deacon at the gathering in the forest.

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