Lather And Nothing Else Barber Is Conflicted Why?

Why are the barber and Torres in conflict in lather and nothing else?

The Conflict At this point it is clear that two opposing political parties exist. The barber’s problem now is that he has an enemy in his shop with the ability to send him to his death if he so much as suspects the barber of ill intentions.

What does the barber symbolize in lather and nothing else?

The lather serves as insulation. It also, however, represents the barber’s innocence. The razor is depicted as an instrument of shaving, but also as a means of killing. The lather, in contrast, is benign, its presence demonstrative of the barber’s moral compass.

Who is the barber in lather and nothing else?

It’s Captain Torres who has just returned from a four day search for a group of rebels. The barber is a part of this group. He prepares the lather and covers his customer with a sheet. Torres says they captured fourteen men who will pay.

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What types of conflict is lather and nothing else?

The main conflict in Lather And Nothing Else is Barber vs Society. The Barber (the protagonist) does not agree with the current government. He want change. This forces him to join the rebellion.

What is the irony in lather and nothing else?

Irony. The barber thinks about murdering the Captain while he’s getting a shave but decides not to. The barber later finds out that the Captain was there to see if the barber would kill him or not.

What is an example of foreshadowing in lather and nothing else?

In the story, foreshadowing happens when the barber sharpens the razor while Captain Torres is in the chair. That makes the reader think that maybe the barber will use the freshly sharpened razor on the Captain’s throat. The captain is vulnerable in his position. We think he might die.

What is the central conflict in just lather that’s all?

In “Just Lather, That’s All,” the central conflict involves the barber’s dilemma over whether or not he should kill Captain Torres. From a logical perspective, the barber believes that Captain Torres deserves to die because of the extreme violence he has demonstrated against members of the barber’s rebel group.

What is the theme of lather and nothing else?

The theme in the Lather and Nothing Else is that before making a decision look at the possible consequences that could come out of that situation.

What is the metaphor in lather and nothing else?

As the barber shaves the captain’s neck, he considers how easily “One of the tiny pores could be opened up and issue its pearl of blood.” This is a metaphor, a comparison of two unalike things where one is said to be the other, because a drop of blood is not literally a pearl.

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What internal conflict does the barber face in lather and nothing else?

The barber is faced with both a moral and professional dilemma: He would love nothing better than to cut the throat of Captain Torres, the man who had hunted down and killed and tortured so many of the barber’s rebel comrades.

Which is an example of internal conflict?

What Is Internal Conflict? With internal conflicts, you might feel a clash between competing desires. For example, an alcoholic may struggle not to reach for the bottle of bourbon. That person knows they need to stop drinking, but the desire to drink is very strong, leading to an intense internal struggle.

Is the setting important in lather and nothing else?

The immediate action of “Just Lather, That’s All” takes place within a barber shop. The setting is essential to the story, because the tools of the barber shop provide the narrator with the opportunity to kill Captain Torres.

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