Often asked: What Do I Tell My Barber For My Beard?

What do I tell my barber about my beard?

How to Tell Your Barber What Kind of Beard You Want

  • Step 1 – Find the right picture. There is so much you can do with your beard if you can just visualize it.
  • Step 2 – Be very specific.
  • Step 3 – Describe the length.
  • Step 4 – Show them how you style your beard.
  • Step 5 – Defer to the barber if possible.

Can a barber fix my beard?

Trimming a beard. Ask your bearded amigos if there are any that they can recommend, but most barbers are capable! If you’ve not been growing it for long, trimming a beard is still of benefit even when it’s relatively short – an experienced barber will be able to shape your beard to keep it looking sharp.

How do I ask my barber to fade my beard?

“Ask your barber for a heavy fade, taking the 0 down to the bottom of the ear and blending from there, maintaining enough hair for a strong line up,” advises Chapman. “This is great for those who don’t have a strong amount of hair growth on their cheeks.

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How do I shape my beard like a barber?

Trim your own beard like a pro barber.

  1. Grow some length. Growing a little length is optional, though I found that practicing on longer hair is a lot easier than beard stubble.
  2. Get clean and Dry.
  3. Brush It Out.
  4. Shape with a Beard Trimmer.
  5. Use the Guide Comb to Trim Your Mustache.
  6. Clean Up the Lines and Strays.
  7. Apply Beard Oil.

How often should I go to the barber for beard?

A barber haircut every two weeks and a barber beard trim once every 4-6 weeks is optimal. Here is what you can do yourself between visits, or exclusively if you wish. Learning to trim your own beard gives you ultimate control.

Should you straighten your beard before trimming?

Essentially, you want your beard in its natural state before trimming. It’s the same with your beard: if it’s wet or otherwise straightened and elongated, you’ll find that you end up taking off way too much when it dries and shrinks up into its normal shape.

What beard length is best?

Let your beard continue to grow for at least two years without taking any length off of it. You’re looking at a solid 12-inch, or foot-long beard when the two years are up. Generally, a beard will never grow longer than it is at six years worth of full growth.

What is a beard fade?

What Is A Beard Fade? A beard fade is the same idea as the fade on your head, just, you know, on your face. It’s a gentle blending of longer to shorter hair to create a smooth graduation of length.

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When should I get my first beard trim?

DO NOT trim/shape your beard prior to the three-week mark. I recommend waiting at least four weeks before shaping. If you trim too soon, your beard could become lopsided.

Should I shave my neck when growing a beard?

If your beard doesn’t cover your neck, shaving your neckline is still worth it. Doesn’t mean you have to, by any means. You might prefer the shape of your beard without a shaved neckline.

Should you trim beard before or after shower?

Trim after you shower and when your beard is dry—your hair will be hydrated and easier to cut, and will give you a better idea of how it will look once it’s tamed. Brush out your beard. This can detangle knots and set your beard up for optimal grooming.

Is it better to trim beard wet or dry?

When your beard hairs are wet they straighten out significantly and will appear longer than they are when they’re dry. If you trim wet, when it dries it will shrink up and your beard will be uneven. Because of this, it is critical you properly dry your beard fully before considering any sort of trim.

How should a beard be trimmed for a beginner?

As a cardinal rule, start trimming using a bigger guard first, especially if you’re a beginner. Give your beard a uniform trim all around. Use a sweeping motion to trim away from your face (against the growth of the beard). Once you’re done with the first round, repeat using a smaller guard.

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