Quick Answer: What Is Significant About The Name Hakim-a-barber (7 Points)?

What is the relationship between Dee and Hakim-a-barber?

Hakim-a-barber is Dee’s partner, whom Dee brings to Mama and Maggie’s house with her. When they arrive at the house, he greets the family by saying “Asalamalakim,” and so Mama mockingly uses this to refer to him as “Asalamakim” throughout the rest of the story.

Why did Dee change her name What does Mama explain is the significance of the name Dee?

The reason that Dee gives for changing her name is that she doesn’t want to go by her “slave name.” She chooses an African name to better represents her family heritage.

Who is Hakim-a-barber in everyday use quizlet?

Dee’s Muslim boyfriend (possibly husband), whom Mama refers to as “Asalamalakim”. He is short and stocky, with long hair. Hakim-a-barber’s role is primarily to help Dee legitimize her new identity.

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What is the significance of the Johnsons yard in everyday use?

She appreciates “the breezes that never come inside the house,” and views the yard as a welcoming place where “anyone can come and sit.” As an extension of the house, it is part of the family’s heritage and Mama and Maggie’s way of life.

Why is Hakim-a-barber purpose in this story?

It turns out that Hakim-a-barber serves a really important function in the story—in fact, his presence manages to tell us a little something about each of our other characters. Minor characters can be cool like that. In Dee’s character analysis we talk about how her sudden surge of racial pride seems kind of specious.

What is the difference between Maggie and Dee in everyday use?

Maggie is “homely,” shy, and has scars from her burns. Dee is lighter, “with nicer hair and a fuller figure.” Maggie looks at Dee with “envy and awe.” Maggie feels that life has always been easier for Dee than for her. Mama imagines meeting Dee on a famous talk show when Dee has become famous.

Why is the story titled Everyday Use?

The significance of the title “Everyday Use” and the effect of the story’s portrayal of a daughter’s brief visit hinge on the irony that comes from the sisters’ differing intended use for the quilts. Mama contends that Maggie, supposedly mentally inferior to her sister, has an ability that Dee does not: she can quilt.

Why has Dee changed her name to Wangero quizlet?

Why does Dee change her name? Dee’s new name is Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. She changes her name because her old name is a slave name. You just studied 13 terms!

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How does Dee change in Everyday Use?

how has Dee changed when she arrives to see her family? she changed her name, and wears the hairstyle of someone who has embraced black pride. Why does Dee want the quilts? she wants to hang the quilts to call attention to her African heritage.

What can be best inferred by the narrators description of Hakim-a-barber?

Answer Expert Verified What can be best inferred by the narrators description of Hakim-a-barber is that he followed the tenants of Islam. In everyday use by Alice Walker, Hakim-a-barber is Dee’s partner, whom Dee brings to Mama and Maggie’s house with her.

Why does Mama resent Dee reading to Maggie and her?

However, her reading to them was also a way of showing off her knowledge and superior intellect, and Mama notes Dee would “shove us away at just the moment, like dimwits, we seemed about to understand.” At the end of the story, Dee kisses Maggie and encourages her to “make something” of herself.

Why does Mama call the man with Dee Asalamalakim?

Actually, Mama does know perfectly well what his name is because Dee has introduced him by name. Using his greeting instead of his name is Mama’s subtle way of commenting on Dee’s “new” lifestyle and choices, including her companion.

What is the message in Everyday Use?

Through Dee, “Everyday Use” explores how education affects the lives of people who come from uneducated communities, considering the benefits of an education as well as the tradeoffs. Alice Walker clearly believes that education can be, in certain ways, helpful to individuals.

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What is the main conflict in Everyday Use?

The basic conflict in this story is Maggie’s knowledge of every day things and her intention to use them for their purposes, and her sister (Dee), who considers herself more worldly and educated and who thinks these every day things should be hung up and admired as antiques.

How do Dee and Maggie change during the story?

In the story, Maggie is characterized as a timid girl in stark contrast to her outspoken sister Dee. While Dee has gone away to college and has moved away from the family’s home to pursue her own life, Maggie has remained in the house with her mother Mrs. Johnson while she waits to get married to a local man.

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