When Shaving, A Gliding Stroke Directed Toward The Barber Is Used With The:?

Which is the first movement used in the shaving procedure?

The first time over: The standard shave service performed in barbershops today. It is performed using a lather on the beard and by shaving in the direction of the grain. This shave removes all visible hair growth and leaves the skin smooth and without irritation.

Which razor position and stroke is used to perform a neck shave?

Use the reverse backhand stroke to shave the left sideburn outline and behind the left ear during a neck shave with the client sitting in an upright position. 5.

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Which razor position is only used when performing part of a neck shave?

Note: The reverse backhand stroke is typically only used for the neck. A right-handed barber will start the shave at the client’s right side. The left-handed barber will begin at the left side and progress through the steps from that side.

How many shaving zones are used to shave the head quizlet?

Terms in this set (73) the first part of the standard shave consisting of the 14 areas of the face; followed by the second time over shave to remove residual or Missed rough spots.

What precautions should the CNA take when shaving a patient?

Terms in this set (6)

  • Always wear gloves – high risk of contact with blood.
  • Use patient’s own shaving equipment – or use an electric razor.
  • Check with nurse before shaving if patient is taking anticoagulants – it prevents blood clotting.
  • Consult with nurse before shaving a person using oxygen – never use an electric razor.

What is the term for transferring the comb to the opposite hand after combing to facilitate hair cutting?

palming the comb. What is the term for transferring the comb to the opposite hand after combing to facilitate haircutting? Detachable blade.

What is the purpose for the shave service?

Essentially, the main aim of helping a male patient to shave, or do it for him, is to meet his hygiene and care needs.

What is the difference between a standard shave and a once over shave?

Shaving strokes should be performed in what relation to the grain of the hair? Explain the difference between a standard shave and a over-once shave. Over- Once shave a few more stroke across the grain on each shaving movement and faster than a standard shave. 12.

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What is once over shave?

“the once over shave takes less time for a complete and even shave. For a once over shave, give a few more strokes across the grain when completing each shaving movement. This will assure a complete and even shave with a single lathering.”

Which type of facial hair requires special care because if not shaved correctly it may cause ingrown hairs?

Curly facial hair requires special care as its growth characteristics may cause problems if the shave isn’t performed correctly. Ingrown hairs are often the result of improper hair removal by a razor, tweezers or trimmer.

What is the procedure of shaving facial hair against the grain during the second time over shave?

Close shaving is a practice of shaving the beard against the grain of the hair during the second-time-over phase of the shave. This practice is undesirable because it may irritate the skin and lead to infection or ingrown hairs so barbers do not traditionally employ close-shaving methods.

What is the meaning of shaving?

verb shaves, shaving, shaved, shaved or shaven (mainly tr) (also intr) to remove (the beard, hair, etc) from (the face, head, or body) by scraping the skin with a razor. to cut or trim very closely. to reduce to shavings.

What type of hair is often the result of improper hair removal by a razor tweezers or trimmer?

What is Pseudofolliculitis? The condition known as ” in-grown hairs ” can be caused by improper hair removal by razor, tweezers, or trimmers; often the result of excessively close shaving, wrong directional shaving, and/or excessive pressure from trimmers.

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Which part of the hair is removed during shaving?

Shaving is simply using a razor to remove the tip of the hair shaft that has grown up through the skin.

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