Who Is Mel Barber Married To?

What happened to Mel Barber on the Presleys?

Mel Barber left the show to devote more time to his other job. He works in management at Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson. Kimberly Barber is still with the show and as far as we know has no plans to leave. John Presley has left the show to devote his full efforts to his video production company called Validate Films.

Who is Tim Gregg married to?

He is married to Dr. Nancy J. Currie-Gregg, Principal Engineer in the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC).

How old is Kimberly Barber?

What is Ambrus L Presley age? Ambrus Presley is 34. He was born on Nov 30, 1986.

What does Jay Wickizer do for a living?

Jay Wickizer, singer/master of ceremonies at Presley’s Country Jubilee owns a construction company; 2017 Terry Awards Comedian of the Year Matt Gumm is a worship leader at a church; “American Idol” contestant James Redden performs on the Branson Belle Showboat and works in the box office of a theater on the strip.

Are the Branson Presleys related to Elvis?

The Missouri Presleys, by the way, are only distantly related to the far-more-famous Mississippi Presley named Elvis.

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How old is Jay Wickizer?

Jay Wickizer is 60. He was born on Mar 1, 1961.

Where is John Presley performing now?

He is still living in Branson with lovely wife Ambrus who still sings on the show. John has his own production company, Validate Films, and is doing video production work. In March of 2019 he released his first full length documentary called Flamekeeper which is available at Amazon.

Who is Ambrus Presley?

Branson has an overwhelming number of female vocalists, but anyone who has ever seen and heard Ambrus Presley perform can appreciate it when I express my belief that she is one of Branson’s premier vocalists.

What started Branson MO?

Branson was formally incorporated in 1912, and construction of the Powersite Dam nearby on the White River which would form Lake Taneycomo was completed. In 1894, William Henry Lynch bought Marble Cave (renamed “Marvel Cave”) and began charging visitors to tour it.

Who is John Presley’s dad?

JP: Yes, my dad Steve Presley the shows drummer and my uncle Gary Presley who plays the character of “Herkimer” in the show.

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