Why On The Other Hand Does The Barber Believe That It Could Be Wrong To Take The Captain’s Life?

Why does the barber feel it would be wrong to let Torres go?

The identity of Torres is defined by his being “an executioner,” whereas the barber’s identity is defined by the job that he does. The barber therefore decides not to kill Torres because he realises that this is not part of his central identity.

What arguments can the barber put forth for killing Torres?

The barber wants to kill Torrez because the Captain is the primary rebel foe: He hunts them down, kills them, tortures them, mutilates them. Killing Torrez would avenge the death of so many of his cohorts, but someone else would only replace Torrez and continue the killing.

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Why didnt barber kill Torres?

The final reason why the barber decided not to kill Torres is because he feels that he is not a murderer. He felt it would be way too hard to kill someone, and he would not be able to live with himself. Torres may have been a terrible man, but he was just doing his job, like the barber was.

Do you agree with the decision the barber made?

In summary, the barber made the correct decision; maybe he condemned himself to an uncertain future, but he tried to be congruent and not just kill for revenge. For this reason, he is innocent and a really conscientious man.

Is the barber a coward in lather and nothing else?

Expert Answers The barber of the short story, ” Just Lather, That’s All,” could certainly be considered more cowardly than the captain who comes to sit in his chair. Although the barber’s secret affiliation was important to him as well the rebels, he could have solved many of his group’s problems by

What did the barber realize about Captain Torres at the end of the story?

What did the barber realize about Captain Torres at the end of the story? That he knew he was a revolutionary. That he was going to put him in jail. That he was going to become a regular customer.

Is barber a coward for not killing Torres?

For the barber, then, murdering Captain Torres would be a cowardly act. This idea contributes to his decision not to murder the captain. When Captain Torres came into the barber shop for a shave, he probably knew that there was a possibility that he would not leave alive.

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What is the main reason Torres comes to the barber shop?

Why does captain Torres go in for the shave? Captain Torres went in to the barber shop to prove to his soldiers that he was brave because the barber was a revolutionary. Captain Torres went into the barber shop because he was suicidal from killing many innocent people.

What is the conflict in lather and nothing else?

What is the conflict and how is it established? The conflict is the barber is a revolutionary and the captain of the opposing side comes to get shaved. He is trying to decide if he wants to kill him or let him go.

What does the barber decide?

the barber decided to do and make the tonal quality of Pungi to be better he choose a Pi with natural hole stamped that was longer and Broader than Pungi and made seven holes on the body of the pipe.

Would the barber have been a hero or a coward had he killed the captain?

The rebels who lived in the town and held jobs, like the barber, could breathe easier. The barber would be remembered as the man who ended the captain’s brutal war against his comrades. But killing the captain while performing his duties as a barber would be dishonorable.

What do they reveal about Captain Torres?

Captain Torres is the leader of the men who are hunting down the rebels. He is brutal, cruel, and shrewd. He comes in to get a shave specifically because he is told by someone —he doesn’t specify who exactly—that the barber will murder him; he wants to get his own measure of the man.

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Is the barber a hero or a coward?

The barber is not a hero or a villain, but neither is he a coward. He is a man with perfectly normal fears, acting in a principled manner. At first glance, the barber seems like a coward because he has the opportunity to kill his enemy, Captain Torres, when he comes to his shop for a shave.

Is the barber a hero?

The barber is a hero because of his great honor towards his profession and his strong morality. Firstly, the barber demonstrates the noble qualities of a hero by honorably preforming his profession without taking advantage of his clients, specifically Captain Torres.

What is the mood or atmosphere of lather and nothing else throughout most of the story?

The mood of “Just Lather, That’s All” is suspenseful. A military man arrives in the barber shop of the unnamed narrator and asks for a shave. The man in the barber’s chair is revealed to be Captain Torres, who has ordered rebels hanged naked and has commanded that target practice be aimed at their bodies.

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